Facility Rental

The GLBT Historical Society Museum is available for private rental. Host your next corporate retreat, cultural event, Pride celebration, holiday party, or private reception inside the museum, one of the few available spaces in the Castro. For further information and reservations, please contact Museum Operations Manager, Leigh Pfeffer.


General information

  • Receptions must be reviewed by the GLBT Historical Society Museum staff and require at least four weeks’ advance notice to be scheduled.

  • All receptions must be held before or after regular museum hours. Thursdays between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. is the preferred time for museum events.

  • Event setup can be done in the last hour of the museum being open to the public as long as it does not obstruct the museum visitor’s experience.

  • Cleanup and breakdown must be completed within one hour after the reception’s scheduled end time. Thirty-minute breakdown is preferred.

  • Maximum suggested attendance for events with food and/or refreshments: 65.

  • Maximum suggested attendance for events without refreshments: 80.

  • Only fixtures that are designed to be moved can be altered to accommodate an event.

  • Although there is no preparation space on the museum’s main floor, the basement can be used for storage and minor preparation if needed. Please note that the stairs to the basement are quite steep and the basement ceiling is very low.

  • The GLBT Historical Society Museum can provide the following if needed: Portable speaker with mic (not wireless), Bluetooth projection, podium, one 6-foot table, two 4-foot tables, ice buckets, and 45 folding chairs.


Event restrictions

  • All groups using the space are responsible for all setup and cleanup. The GLBT Historical Society will provide volunteers and staff for museum maintenance and safety only.

  • All food and drink to be served must be expressly approved.

  • All food and beverage tables must be at least three feet away from exposed archival items.

  • Beverages likely to stain (e.g. red wine, coffee) and messy food are not allowed.

  • No flames allowed.



Level 1: Small nonprofits | $450

Level 2: Large nonprofits | $700

Level 3: For-profit organizations | $1,250

Level 4: For-profit organization with museum sponsor listing | $2,000


  • All prices include an onsite manager for load-in, event, and load-out for 4 hours ($30/hour for additional event time), and cleaning fee.

  • The above pricing does not include the cost of food, beverages, and reception materials (e.g. cups, plates, utensils, napkins). These items must be provided by the reception host/coordinator.

  • Payment and credit card information for security hold is required when the event is confirmed.


Photo: Crawford Wayne Barton, Revelers at San Francisco Gay Freedom Day, ca. 1978, Crawford Wayne Barton collection (1993-11), GLBT Historical Society