"Vanguard Revisited" book

"Vanguard Revisited" book

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Working with a variety of homeless youth services organizations, program coordinators Joey Plaster and Pastor Megan Rohrer presented the history of Vanguard to contemporary queer youth. We then asked them to respond by submitting stories, art, and poetry “in conversation” with original 1960s essays or touching on similar themes. A zine called Vanguard Revisited was published and featured new voices from 2011, along with reprints from the original Vanguard Magazine of the 1960s. These materials were supplemented with archival materials, a historical narrative, and writings from urban ministers and youth organizers. Celebrating the anniversary of Vanguard Revisited, this special edition book includes previously unpublished materials the youth call Otro Vanguard. Signed by the authors.

Print Length: 168 pages

Publication Date: August 24, 2016

Language: English

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