Program Proposal


Thank you for your interest in proposing a public program for the GLBT Historical Society Museum. Please review the following requirements and refer to the checklist before filling out the Public Program Proposal Form linked below.

Please submit your Public Program proposal 4 months in advance of the date of the event. If approved, Museum Operations Manager Leigh Pfeffer will confirm the event and contact you to discuss further details.

All program details must be finalized no later than 6 weeks in advance of the event.

Program Guidelines

  • Programs must be held after regular museum hours. Preferably on Thursdays between 7:00 – 9:00 pm, but there is room for flexibility.

  • Panel discussions must be limited to no more than four panelists.

  • If selling books, the presenter is responsible for coordinating delivery and sale. The museum can provide a table and tablecloth to set-up for selling. We request that 1-3 copies of the book be donated to the Museum store for future sales in exchange for providing a venue. Any future copies to be ordered will be purchased at discount from author/publisher.

  • Program host(s) agree(s) to refrain from moving or modifying museum displays, and to monitor the public at their events to protect museum displays from damage.

Venue Information

  • Set-up takes place after the museum closes at 6:00 PM. This is the earliest organizers may arrive.

  • Maximum standing capacity is 75 people.

  • The museum can provide: 45 chairs, one 6ft table, two 4ft tables, tablecloths, 1 microphone (not wireless), 1 portable speaker, 1 podium.

  • The museum accommodates digital slides, PowerPoint, video presentations, and audiovisual needs. Use of such media must be prearranged and PC compatible with the Museum Operations Manager, and noted in the event proposal form.

  • A request for donation of $5 in lieu of admission will be made at all public programs, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds.

  • Organizers and panelists are entitled to complimentary tickets (1 per panelist/speaker) for the program. Please submit a guest list 1 week in advance of the program.


  • The GLBT Historical Society publicizes all public programs on its printed quarterly brochure, website and Facebook page, and customarily distributes a newsletter and media release listing all programs.

  • The GLBT Historical Society will create and publish an official Facebook event for the program and make the organizers co-hosts. Please do not create any duplicate or independent Facebook events, as this creates confusion for potential guests.

  • Any third-party promotion or filming requires advance authorization from the GLBT Historical Society. Program organizers are strongly encouraged to suggest community co-sponsors, invite contacts via the Facebook event, and boost the program on their social media.

  • We do not print postcards or do postal mailings for programs. If you wish to have additional promotional materials, you will be responsible for the logistics and cost, and the GLBT Historical Society must approve them in advance.


Please download and refer to the below checklist as you fill out the Public Program Proposal form.

  • Proposed program is consistent with the mission and fits within the diverse public programming plan of the GLBT Historical Society.

    • Mission: The GLBT Historical Society collects, preserves, exhibits and makes accessible to the public materials and knowledge to support and promote understanding of LGBTQ history, culture and arts in all their diversity.

  • Program falls under one of the following event types:

    • Author/Artist Talk

    • Book Launch/Reading

    • Community Forum

    • Film Screening

    • Panel Discussion

    • Workshop

  • Program must have:

    • Descriptive title, date & start and end time.

    • A descriptive blurb (100 words) and relevant links.

  • One to two compelling photos are being submitted to represent the event, along with appropriate captions and permissions, for the society to use for publicity purposes.

    • Must be in JPEG format, minimum resolution of 300 dpi and minimum dimensions of 4” x 3” (1200 x 900 pixels).

    • Headshots and multiple individual participant photos are not permitted, except in cases of author talks with a singular speaker.

  • Any audiovisual needs have been noted on the form (must be pre-arranged before the program).

  • Public Program Proposal Form is being submitted at least 4 months in advance for review, final approval, and publicity.