Community Curators

The GLBT Historical Society is an organization with deep and enduring roots in the LGBTQ community and within the greater community of the San Francisco Bay Area. From its earliest days, when the first collections were gathered and stored in a small San Francisco apartment, the organization has been predominantly community-driven and has relied on the sustained commitment of community members who have mobilized to preserve, enrich and make publicly available the history and culture of LGBT people.

The society continues this legacy through its community curators. The great majority of the exhibitions mounted by the society are inspired, proposed and organized by community leaders who have shared their specific ideas and interests for exhibitions that showcase the diversity of backgrounds, identities and experiences within the LGBT community. Anyone is welcome to continue this rich tradition by submitting a proposal for a future exhibition.

For information about the exhibition process (which can take several years to plan), how to become a community curator and the steps for submitting a proposal for consideration to the Exhibitions Working Group, please contact Nalini Elias, Curator of Exhibitions.


Past Community Curators & Exhibitions

“Angela Davis: OUTspoken”

Curated by Amy Sueyoshi and Lisbet Tellefsen

February–October 2018

“OUT/LOOK & the Birth of the Queer”

Curated by E.G. Crichton

October 2017–January 2018

“Picturing Kinship: Portraits of Our Community by Lenore Chinn”

Curated by Tirza True Latimer

May–September 2017

“Lavender-Tinted Glasses: A Groovy Gay Look at the Summer of Love”

Curated by Joey Cain

April–September 2017

“Beartoonist of San Francisco: Sketching an Emerging Subculture”

Curated by Jeremy Prince

January–May 2017

“Noche de Ambiente”

Curated by Juliana Delgado Lopera and Ángel Rafael Vázquez Concepción

October 2016–March 2017

“Through Knowledge to Justice: The Sexual World of Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld”

Curated by Gerard Koskovich

August 2016–January 2017

Photo: Henri Leleu, Spectators at a gay softball league game, ca. 1975, Henri Leleu papers (1997-13), GLBT Historical Society