From the Executive Director | The Challenge: Meeting a Generous Match


by Terry Beswick

This month, I want to use my column to give you a challenge. 

One year ago, we launched Vision 2020, our campaign to establish a New Museum of LGBTQ History and Culture in San Francisco. Not yet officially a capital campaign, the goal was to expand our membership and donor base so we can prepare for further growth.

Since then, the number of members of the GLBT Historical Society has indeed grown. Currently, our total active membership, including donors giving $30 and above, is approaching 2,000. To take the next steps toward the new museum, now we need to expand our base of members and donors even more.

This November, as we move into the season of gratitude and giving, we trust that the thousands of supporters of LGBTQ history and culture on our mailing list will consider joining the GLBT Historical Society at any level — and know that many current members will step up their support, too.

Doubling the Impact

So here’s the challenge to each of you: Every dollar you and your friends donate during our year-end campaign will be matched by a $25,000  grant from our generous and steadfast supporters Al Baum and Robert Holgate ($10,000), the Bob Ross Foundation ($10,000) and the Excelerate Foundation ($5,000).

If you’re already a member, please consider increasing your support. If you’re not yet a member, sign up today. And do be sure to ask your friends, colleagues and social media contacts to support the society, too. By donating now, you’ll double the impact of your gift thanks to the challenge grant.

Our community deserves a full-scale queer public history center that not only will enable us to exhibit our rich and diverse history and culture, but also will serve as a center for research and education and as a home for our ever-growing archives.

In the coming year, I believe we will see great progress in our campaign to establish such a center — and I know you’ll want to be a part of this groundbreaking effort to ensure that our queer past has a fantastic future.

I invite you to join the GLBT Historical Society’s Vision 2020 campaign. Donate now by clicking here.

Terry Beswick is executive director of the GLBT Historical Society.

Reprinted from the November 2017 issue of History Happens, the monthly newsletter of the GLBT Historical Society. To subscribe to the newsletter, click here.