Queer Before the Theory: Gavin Arthur & the Circles of Sex

Queer Before the Theory: Gavin Arthur & the Circles of Sex 
Thursday, September 14
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
The GLBT History Museum
4127 18th St., San Francisco
Admission: $5.00 | Free for members

Gavin Arthur from the dust jacket of his book The Circle of Sex (1966). Collection of Gerard Koskovich

In conjunction with the exhibition “Lavender-Tinted Glasses: A Groovy Gay Look at the Summer of Love” at the GLBT History Museum, curator Joey Cain will present the astounding story of a bisexual adventurer, utopian, philosopher and astrologer Gavin Arthur (1901­-1972).

The grandson of U.S. president Chester A. Arthur and the son of a mining millionaire, Gavin Arthur fled his privileged upbringing in the 1920s to take up outsider causes and bohemian pursuits. He frequented early 20th-century homosexual emancipationists, Irish liberation fighters, and avant-garde culture-makers, ending his days in San Francisco as a philosophical grandfather of the hippies.

Arthur laid out his radical theory of the fluidity of sexual orientation in his book The Circle of Sex, first published in 1964 and released in a much-expanded edition in 1966.