We Were Rebels: Jae Whitaker Remembers Janis Joplin

We Were Rebels: Jae Whitaker Remembers Janis Joplin
Thursday, July 6
7:00 – 10:00 p.m.
The GLBT History Museum
4127 18th St., San Francisco
Admission: $5.00  |  Free for members

Jae Whitaker at the opening of the “Lavender-Tinted Glasses” exhibition at the GLBT History Museum. Behind her at left: Portraits of Janis Joplin and Whitaker in the early 1960s. Photo: Gerard Koskovich

A conversation with Jae Whitaker, an African American lesbian musician who moved to San Francisco in the early 1960s to participate in the Beat scene that was centered in the city’s North Beach neighborhood. In 1963 she met the young Janis Joplin; the two became lovers and lived together.

Joey Cain, curator of our current exhibition “Lavender-Tinted Glasses: A Groovy Gay Look at the Summer of Love,” will interview Whitaker about her early life, the Beat scene, her meeting and relationship with Joplin, her experiences during the Summer of Love, and her life in San Francisco in the subsequent five decades.