Meet the Artist: The Lone Star Saloon Welcomes Cartoonist Fran Frisch

Wednesday, January 25  
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.
Lone Star Saloon
1354 Harrison St., San Francisco
Admission: Free


In conjunction with “Beartoonist of San Francisco: Sketching an Emerging Subculture,” an exhibition opening January 27 at the GLBT History Museum,
artist Fran Frisch will welcome his fans and sell and inscribe prints of his work from the 1980s to the present at an informal reception at the Lone Star Saloon. Curator Jeremy Prince will be on hand to discuss the exhibition, and popular DJ Bearzbub will provide the musical mix. Co-sponsored by the GLBT Historical Society, Bears of San Francisco and the Lone Star Saloon.